(marking a collaborative partnership between BRICS WBA-SA and SPROWT Foundation, an international foundation based in Mozambique for Women Empowerment, Education and Sustainable Development promoting DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)

Date: 21 June 2023
Venue: Hotel Melia Congress Room, Maputo – Mozambique
Delivery Model: The conference will be bilingual (Portuguese and English) in a hybrid model

Number of attendees: 70pax (leaders and executives from corporates and organizations, political leaders, specialists, and academics)
Topic: Discuss the frontline contribution and the benefits that women bring and give for the economy and for the sustainable development

Theme: 3 panels

  • Panel 1: The Importance of Women’s Leadership – facts and Context
  • Panel 2: The role of women in leadership in developing strategies at all levels
  • Panel 3: The impact of gender equality on the sustainability of societies

Focus of the Debate: The conference will bring together national and international leaders and executives from companies, and institutions from public and private organizations, to address the relevance and contribution to reducing the gender gap (at the country level and in the organizations) as a development strategy (in its different dimensions).

Event Brief: As part of the memorandum of understanding between SPROWT Foundation and BRICS WBA SA, marking the collaborative partnership is the Women’5 Frontline Development Conference.

The W5FDC aims to bring together leaders and executives of all areas and sectors at national and international levels, to discuss the frontline contribution and the benefits that women bring and give to the economy and for sustainable development.

Targeting SDG 17 (Sustainable Development Goals) of the UN, SPROWT and BRICS WBA SA partnered, promoting the first Women’5 Frontline Development Conference through PIONEER Leadership Network for Women in Africa, a network for leaders and executives.

The objective of PIONEER is to elevate women through shared knowledge and contribute to more women in leadership and executive positions.

The SPROWT Foundation aims to promote gender equality, quality education and the development of Mozambique by valuing women, children and organizations. Our focus is clear in bringing awareness of the importance of women in society, promoting humanistic values, talent and skills and learning centred on child development.  Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN 20230 agenda under the theme “Transform our world”, specifically the SDGs 4,5,8,9 and 17.

During South Africa’s BRICS presidency, the alliance, under the leadership of Rotating Chairperson Lebogang Zulu, convened a virtual handover meeting on February 6, 2023. At this meeting, a new export-oriented economic growth strategy for BRICS and Africa was adopted, with a focus on women entrepreneurs and MSMEs. The BRICS WBA 2023 strategy and work plan are founded on the principle that trade enhances economic growth and productivity, enabling countries to build resilience and increase access to essential goods and services.

Aligned with the theme and priorities of XV BRICS Presidency by South Africa, the BRICS WBA 2023 Strategy and Workplan aims to unlock mutually beneficial opportunities for increased trade, technology transfer partnership and investment in developing the capacity of BRICS and African women entrepreneurs and the broader SME sector. The strategy seeks to facilitate partnerships with different stakeholders to improve women’s ability to do business, trade and secure investment and developmental support across multiple sectors offering mutual benefits and interests.

Through this, BRICS cooperation is responding to the needs and demands of the larger international community, particularly economic growth, sustainable development and inclusion of the African Continent and Global South in the world system.

What are the opportunities?
With which values?

Through dialogue, facts and experiences are shared in order to bring together national and international panellists as well delegates, to dialogue at c-suit, senior levels and executive levels, for the progress of companies, organizations and societies. Elevating the consciousness of the real impact and advantages of having women in leadership and executive positions.

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