Ms. Sally Mudly-Padayachie

Director and Pharmacist Marianhill Pharmacy
Chair Healthcare Working Group

Sally Mudly-Padayachie is a practising community pharmacist with over 37 years of experience and has been active in organizing grassroots and

community women’s empowerment initiatives.

Was part of the anti-apartheid movement through the United Democratic Front in the late 1970’s.

Armed with a bachelor of Pharmacy degree and Master in Medical Science degree, she is a founder and Director of Mariannhill Pharmacy from 1984 to the present.

She served on the Alpha Pharm Board of Directors representing Community Pharmacies.
Presently, she is serving as Board member of the South African Weather Services and also serving on the Advisory Council on National Orders of South Africa.

She is a member of the Progressive Business Forum, trustee of other Educational Institutions and founder and Chairperson of the Mariannhill Business Forum.

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